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How to create hotspot on your mac book and share your wifi via bluetooh PAN.

Your Mac Book air can function as a wireless hotspot, allowing you to  share its Internet connection with other devices such as your iPhone or Ipad.



It is easy to share your connection from wifi to other computer or phone using IPhone USB, Thunderbolt bridge and Bluetooth PAN. What you need to do is click System Preferences in the menu and click sharing icon. 




If you want to share you macbook air wifi to your iphone using Bluetooth, make sure you enable bluetooth PAN first.


Then go the Sharing dialog and check the Internet Sharing checkbox and select the Bluetooh PAN. Make sure you select the “Internet Sharing” option in the list.  

Note that can’t both be connected to a Wi-Fi network and host a hotspot network at the same time. But you can always use Iphone USB or Bluetooth PAN to share your Internet connection.


If you can pair your bluetooh connection. Click here for solutions.

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